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Apr. 22nd, 2009 02:56 am
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I'm hopelessly in love with this mini-series. So much so that I had a hard time figuring out which scene I wanted to picspam. I went with this in the end because it rips my heart out every time. If you've never seen The 10th Kingdom, then I recommend checking it out...

Huntsman: You only get to watch.

Wolf: Time for the royal toast... Your Majesty

Announcer: The royal toast...

"Prince Wendell": To everlasting peace, and all the bones we can gnaw.

Evil Queen: Anyone for seconds?
... No?

Evil Queen: You certainly are persistent...

Virginia: Are you gonna kill me as well?

Evil Queen: I was going to let you go... I don't know why.

Virginia: You know why.

Evil Queen: Go. Leave Me. Get out while you can.

Virginia: No.

Evil Queen: You were nothing but an accident! You should have been killed at birth!

Virginia: How dare you. How dare you speak to me like that.

Evil Queen: Kill her now.

Kill her... or I'll do it myself.

Wolf: No!

Virginia: Stop. Mom.

Evil Queen: You've drawn... blood.

Virginia: I'm sorry.

Virginia: No! No! No, please don't die. Don't die! Just remember who you are.

Evil Queen (Christine): It's too late. Don't cry. My little girl... my little girl.
I gave away my soul...

Virginia: Please! Wait! ... Mommy!

"Prince Wendell": Oh, I think I've drunk too much champagne.

Some guy: What's happening? What's going on?

Virginia: Why aren't you all dead?

Virginia: I thought you poisoned everybody?

Wolf: Oh, no! Troll dust. I swapped the poison for a pinch of troll dust... just to make it look convincing. I'm sorry I had to trick you.

Wolf: Go for it Wendie! Go!

That oughta do the trick.

The real Prince Wendell: I'm back? I'm back!

It also has the most beautiful intro sequence:
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